The history of Batman (video)

Variant is a weekly web show that covers everything about comics including graphic novels, movies, TV, and games. The show caters to new readers, hardcore fans, and everyone in between. When they sent me a recent episode covering the history of Batman, I had to share it with all of you. It’s extremely well done and very informative. With the launch of Batman News 2.0 and major news about Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale joining the Justice League movie, you may be checking out Batman News for the first time. Now is the perfect time for a Batman history lesson if you’re a new reader or fan.

As a kid, I loved art and I can remember drawing my first pictures of Batman inside the covers of my coloring books at the age of 5. I grew up as a huge Batman fan, mostly from Batman: The Animated Series and the original movies. As far as I know, the last time I drew Batman was when I was 17 back in November of 2005. I based it off of a picture of Christian Bale from Batman Begins. I slowly began to lose interest in art and started getting into computers and technology. Five years later in September of 2010, I merged my love for technology with my love for Batman… and Batman News was born!


But I want to know why you all love Batman. How were you exposed to the character? Be sure to leave your stories in the comments below.