Upcoming Comics: April 3rd, 2013

Originally called WTF month until DC realized that maybe “WTF” stands for something that’s not suitable for a product heavily marketed toward children, April brings forth an event that spans across all 52 titles. Every comic this month released by DC under the New 52 brand will feature a surprising gatefold cover. I like it. It’s a gimmick that I would actually like to see come about at least once a year. The covers a pretty cool. What are we getting with our bat-titles though? How about a giant Detective Comics 900th issue anniversary spectacular, a brand new Batwing (the Batman of Africa, not the plane which we apparently can’t call the Batwing anymore), and an all new Maxie Zeus tale that takes place outside New 52 continuity.

Here’s a list of all the Batman comics coming out this week, April 3rd, graded on a scale of my own anticipation.

Hell no!  –   I’d rather not   –   Ambivalent  –  Interested  –  TAKE MY MONEY

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April 3rd



Written by JOHN LAYMAN
Art and fold-out cover by JASON FABOK
Backup story art by ANDY CLARKE
1:25 MAD Variant cover by The Usual Gang of Idiots
On sale APRIL 3 • 80 pg, FC, $7.99 US • RATED T
Combo pack edition: $8.99 US

Anticipation Level:   TAKE MY MONEY

Oversized and overpriced, Detective Comics #19 is a celebration marking the 900th issue of Detective Comics. That’s right, if it wasn’t for the New 52 reboot we would now be looking at Detective Comics #900! Not only are you getting a story by Layman and Fabok about Batman and the “Mystery of the 900” that deals with Emperor Penguin and the homicidal Zsasz, but you’ll also be getting some extra pin-up artwork and 4 short stories by John Layman and other artists plus a short tale by James Tynion IV that’s all about Bane! And if you’ve been keeping up with my twitter account, you already know that this latest depiction of Bane has some Dark Knight Rises influence. Oh, and this isn’t the only bat-title that will feature the new and improved Bane this month!


Art and fold-out cover by FABRIZIO FIORENTINO
On sale APRIL 3 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
Anticipation Level: Interested

Batwing quits and is replaced by an existing member of the Bat-family. Who could it be? Why did David quit? Will this enormous shake up finally convince people to start buying this title? We’ll have to wait and see. The series gets a whole new creative team next month and we already know that the new Batwing’s armor at least won’t look as lame as his predecessor’s so I’m cautiously optimistic.



Written by JOE HARRIS 
Art and cover by JASON MASTERS
On sale APRIL 3 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

Anticipation Level: Interested

A Maxie Zeus story? Sign me up. I love seeing the lesser known villains get some attention so I’ll be looking forward to what the story “Haunted Arkham” has to offer. As always, Legends of the Dark Knight features a new creative team and will be a stand-alone story that any Batman fan can pick up and enjoy without having to worry about prior continuity.