Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale may not return for ‘Justice League’ after all

The internet exploded last month when word came out that Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale were possibly returning in the upcoming Justice League movie. El Mayimbe of Latino Review is back… but this time it’s bad news.

Unfortunately in Hollywood, deals don’t always come through. Warner Bros. definitely wanted to bring Christopher Nolan back to produce Justice League and they were trying to get Christian Bale to reprise his role as Batman too. El Mayimbe stopped by the Schmoes Knows Movies podcast this evening to give us an update.

According to El Mayimbe, Warner Bros. is having trouble getting Christopher Nolan on board. Nolan doesn’t want Justice League to mess with the story he created for The Dark Knight trilogy. There’s even some resistance about Superman from this summer’s Man of Steel appearing in Justice League. As it stands now, Warner Bros. is more likely to release a sequel to Man of SteelJustice League is going to be pushed back a bit. As always, things could change but that’s the latest on Warner Bros. superhero team-up movie.

Update 04/05/13: I’ve embedded the Schmoes Knows Movies podcast below so you can hear it all from El Mayimbe himself. How do you feel about this news? Let me know in the comments below.