‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ to have multiplayer?

According to video game website Kotaku, Batman: Arkham Origins will include a multiplayer mode. While Warner Bros. declined to comment, Kotaku says they’ve been able to confirm the story with two separate sources.

As for the details, according to our tipster: during at least one section of multiplayer, you play as a member of Joker or Bane’s gang while trying to take down Batman and Robin. The villains involved—who may be playable and customizable—include Killer Croc, Deadshot, Firefly, Black Mask, Deathstroke, and “some kind of Electroman character,” our tipster said.

If this rumor is true, it would be the first game in the Arkham series to include multiplayer. Being able to play from the villains point of view definitely sounds interesting. We’ll probably hear much more about Batman: Arkham Origins in June at E3, one of the biggest gaming conventions of the year. Stay tuned to Batman News for all the latest!

SOURCE: Kotaku (via Polygon)