Saturday, May 4th, is Free Comic Book Day

Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day. Visit your local comic shop on May 4th for a wide variety of free comic books from all publishers. Shops in North America and all over the world will be participating and some will even have sales, raffles, games, and other festivities going on throughout the weekend. You’ll find a list of tomorrow’s free comic books at here.

I would also like to list a few books for Batman fans to look for while they’re in the comic shop tomorrow. All of these make a great jumping on point to what’s happening right now. If you’ve been at all curious about reading comics, these books make a great way to ease yourself into what’s happening right now!

Batman #19

This is the first of a 2-part story about Clayface written and illustrated by one of the most highly regarded creative teams working in comics today. There’s some great detective work here and you’ll see just how formidable Clayface can be. In addition to they Clayface mystery, you’ll also enjoy a Batman/Superman team-up story featured in the back. If you like this issue you’ll only have to wait until Wednesday for Part II to come out and then next month we’ll have the start of Batman: Zero Year, which will be a year-long arc focusing on Bruce’s early years as Gotham’s watchful protector.

Nightwing #19

The Nightwing series heads in a bold new direction starting with issue #19. After learning that the man who killed his parents is still alive, Dick Grayson leaves Gotham on a quest for vengeance that leads him to Chicago where he is faced with a police force that will do whatever it takes to put a stop to masked vigilantes.

Legends of the Dark Knight #1-8

Any issue of this series you can get your hands on will be a safe purchase. Each one is a stand-alone story (or collection of stories) written and illustrated by an entirely new creative team in every installment for a fresh take on The Dark Knight every time. These tales take place outside of New 52 continuity and are easily accessible to new readers. Issues #1-3 are the very best.

Li’l Gotham #1

If you have kids, get them a copy of Li’l Gotham #1. It’s the best Batman book you can buy for a youngster and a great way to introduce them to the mythology you love but it’s not just kid-stuff. Adults will love Li’l Gotham, too. It’s a very funny and beautifully painted (it’s all done in vibrant watercolors) book that will put a smile on any Batfan’s face.

In addition to all the free comics, the creators of your favorite books will also be out signing autographs at their own local stores. Here’s a list of DC writers and artists and where they’ll be this Saturday. There’s no better time to get friends and family interested in comics!