Poll: Finding the best Batman cover…1939

I once talked about doing a poll each week or so to see what everyone’s favorite comic book cover was from all the monthly bat-titles. But why not go back even further? Why not vote on our favorite Batman cover from every year starting all the way back in 1939 and work our way up? It’ll make for a fun look back on Bat-history and it should spark discussion on classic stories! And if you’re thinking “Hey Andrew, what will you do whenever you reach a year that has like 20 different bat-titles and hundreds of comics? Will you include titles such as Batgirl, The Outsiders, Justice League, and countless others?” Well, to you I say, “That is a problem for Future Andrew.”

What you’re doing here is voting for what cover you like the most. Not what story you liked the best. You’re judging these books on their cover alone. Each poll lasts for 2 weeks so get out there and vote!

Detective Comics #27


Cover by Bob Kane

Detective Comics #28


Cover by  Bob Kane

The first appearance of Wayne Manor.

Detective Comics #29


Cover by Bob Kane

This first appearance of Dr. Death.

Detective Comics #30


Cover by Fred Guardineer

Detective Comics #31


Cover by Bob Kane

The first appearance of Bruce’s girlfriend Julie Madison, the Mad Monk, the batarang, and the batplane. Issue #31 marked the first time Batman faced a costumed nemesis. 

Detective Comics #32


Cover by Fred Guardineer

Detective Comics #33


Cover by Bob Kane

The origin of Batman is finally told. Issue #33 marks the first appearance of Crime Alley, Joe Chill, and Thomas and Martha Wayne. It might also be the first time we see a zeppelin over Gotham, the story is, after all, titled “The Batman Wars Against the Dirigible of Doom.” Lastly, we see the “Criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot” moment here for the first time. 

Detective Comics #34


Cover by Creig Flessel

It will be a very long time before another Detective Comics cover is published that does not feature The Batman.