Behind the scenes of The Dark Knight Rises’ Batpod chase (video)

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost one year since The Dark Knight Rises hit theaters but here we are ten months later and I’m still finding new content. You won’t find the video above on the special features of your The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray, because apparently it was only included with the German iTunes digital download. In this three minute behind the scenes video we get a look at how the big Batpod jump stunt was performed after the police chase through Gotham. I haven’t seen this clip before, and I hope it’s new to a lot of you as well.

Now I’m curious as to what other special features are out there. Perhaps Warner Bros. is saving them all for their “Ultimate Batman Trilogy” Blu-ray boxset which is rumored to be coming out this fall. Big thanks to JackWhite at the Superhero Hype forums for the heads up!