‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ preview: Roger Craig Smith is Batman, Troy Baker is Joker, plus more

Today the major video game websites published their hands-on previews of Batman: Arkham Origins and they’ve shared a bunch of new details. You’re probably as confused as I am after reading that headline, especially after Kevin Conroy himself confirmed that he was part of the recently announced game.

Roger Craig Smith is the new voice of Batman, so why did Kevin Conroy say that he’s in the game too? We know that Batman: Arkham Origins is a prequel to the previous two Batman: Arkham games… perhaps Batman takes a “look back” at his earlier days and Kevin Conroy will narrate while Roger Craig Smith provides the voice for Batman in the actual story? There’s definitely some confusion here, so hopefully Warner Bros. will clear it all up soon.

Mark Hamill has said that Batman: Arkham City was the last time he’d voice the Joker and that appears to be true. Troy Baker is the voice of the Joker now, but this isn’t his first time voicing a Batman villain. Baker was also the voice of Two-Face in Batman: Arkham City.

For more on the new information that was released today, check out the previews below:




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And if you missed it, check out the full 5 minute trailer and the newly released screenshots in the gallery below.