Kevin Conroy joins Twitter, clears up ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ confusion

There’s been a lot of confusion regarding Kevin Conroy’s involvement in Batman: Arkham Origins. Just this past weekend Conroy told a crowd at the 2013 Dallas Comic Con that he was in “the next Arkham game”. He went on to say “we all signed these contracts that we weren’t allowed to talk about it… but it’s now been announced and it’s an unbelievable game.”

Seeing as Batman: Arkham Origins is the only Arkham game that’s been announced, many (including myself) assumed that Conroy would once again be the voice of Batman. Today we learned that isn’t the case, Batman will be voiced by Roger Craig Smith.

It turns out Kevin Conroy let the cat out of the bag a little early… he was referring to the next Arkham game, after Batman: Arkham Origins. Which by the way, hasn’t been announced yet and probably won’t be for a long time. Check out Conroy’s clarification below, and follow him on Twitter!


Update: And to make matters even worse… Conroy just deleted his Tweet. I’ve included a screenshot of what it said. Conroy definitely wasn’t supposed to talk about the game he’s working on this early (Arkham 3?) and likely got it mixed up with Batman: Arkham Origins.

There have been a lot of fakes, but this is Kevin Conroy’s official Twitter account. Confirmed by Warner Bros. PR rep Gary Miereanu.