Zack Snyder comments on ‘Justice League’ and ‘Man of Steel’ DC Universe references (video)

Last week the press had the opportunity to see Man of Steel, the latest Superman movie from director Zack Snyder. If you don’t want to hear about what references he made to the DC Universe head back to the Batman News homepage.

Are you still with me?

Over the weekend it was reported that during the movie, Man of Steel villain General Zod destroys a satellite which has the Wayne Enterprises logo on it. Movie critic Jake Hamilton decided to ask Zack Snyder what the intention of the small easter egg was. Here’s what he had to say:

It’s a nod and a tribute. I wanted to do something for me, that acknowledges the amazing friendship that I have with Chris [Nolan]. There’s a couple other little things in the movie that point to this potential for a DC expansion.

Later on in the interview Hamilton asked Snyder what he thought the most ridiculous rumor was while making Man of Steel.

People are convinced that the Justice League movie is, like, we’re just doing it tomorrow. Which is not ridiculous in the global concept. It’s naive to say that ‘we don’t want to do it’. But on the other hand to be that adamant….”

It’s been heavily rumored that if Man of Steel is a success Warner Bros. will turn to Zack Snyder to direct Justice League. All the early buzz says it will be a big hit, so are we looking at the future Justice League director? With Snyder already making subtle references to the DC Universe, it seems like he’d be the perfect fit. Check out the full interview above for more, Zack Snyder’s portion starts at the 17:00 mark.