Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder comment on ‘Justice League’

With Man of Steel opening on Friday director Zack Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan will be constantly asked “what’s next?”. There have been many rumors that a Justice League movie could be next for Warner Bros. if Man of Steel is a success and that they’d be interested in having Zack Snyder direct it. Hero Complex looked to get some answers and asked both Snyder and Nolan if Batman would be joining Superman in a future Justice League movie. Here’s what Zack Snyder had to say:

Do the DC characters exist in the universe I created? The answer is yes. In my mind, we have this fantastic character of Superman. It’s not madness that there would be others.

Now, that being said, does a ‘Justice League’ movie exist now? No. Whether or not I ever get to make that movie, I don’t know. What is real is that there’s a crack — a foot — in the door. That’s promising. The door is definitely open.

Meanwhile, Christopher Nolan was a bit more coy, but would you expect anything else from him?

What I’ve been hoping for is to be able to take my kids to see a version of this story that is going to fry their imaginations the way the 1978 [‘Superman’] that Dick Donner did for me when I was an 8-year old boy. That’s what I’ve been focused on and that’s my role in things. So anything beyond that, I can’t comment.

So what’s the take away from all this? It sounds to me like we’re definitely going to get a Zack Snyder directed Justice League movie in the next few years. It wouldn’t surprise me if Christopher Nolan is involved too — as a producer and maybe even co-writer — much like he was for Man of Steel. It’s also possible they may go with a “World’s Finest” movie first with just Batman and Superman, and build up to that big Justice League movie.

The big question is “who will play Batman?”. Will Warner Bros. try again to get Christian Bale to return, or will they reboot the character and go with someone new? Let me know what direction you’d like to see them take in the comments below.

SOURCE: Hero Complex