Exclusive ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ content coming to PlayStation 3

Back in 2009 Sony and Warner Bros. partnered up to bring exclusive Batman: Arkham Asylum content to the PlayStation 3, allowing players to play as the Joker in challenge maps. Just moments ago at their big E3 2013 press conference, Sony Computer Entertainment of America CEO Jack Tretton announced that they’ve reignited their partnership with Warner Bros.

Under this new partnership, PlayStation 3 owners will receive exclusive content in Batman: Arkham Origins. Two exclusive PlayStation 3 skins were announced at E3, allowing fans to download a Knightfall Batman skin and even a 1960’s Batman skin. No other exclusive content was announced, but it’s possible that more is on the way.

Prior to the announcement, they showed off the brand new Batman: Arkham Origins gameplay trailer, which leaked online earlier tonight. Be sure to come back to Batman News tomorrow for a developer walkthrough of Batman: Arkham Origins.