‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ E3 walkthrough demo (video)

Batman: Arkham Origins was shown off for the first time today. Creative director Eric Holmes stopped by the GameTrailers booth to give the very first walkthrough of the latest Batman video game. The demo starts off with a side mission called “crime in progress”. Fans of Batman: Arkham City will be happy to know that Batman: Arkham Origins brings back a lot of what made that game so great. There are new moves and new enemies, but the gameplay is relatively the same. Batman still gets around the city by grappling and gliding around buildings.

Batman: Arkham Origins also introduces some new gadgets. The one they showed off in the E3 demo was the remote claw, which hits one target and then hooks onto another. See it in action in the 8 minute demo video and head on over to Arkhamverse for more great coverage!