Extended ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ demo shows Joker, Bane, and new detective mode (video)

Yesterday GameTrailers debuted the first gameplay walkthrough of  Batman: Arkham Origins, but WB Games Montreal also showed off an extended 17 minute presentation at a PlayStation event. Thankfully for those of us who were unable to attend E3, the video is now online. This extended demo is fantastic! In addition to seeing tweaks to the hand-to-hand combat that made the Arkham series famous, WB Games Montreal also showed off their take on “detective mode”. It’s a lot more interactive, and helps the player feel more like the World’s Greatest Detective.

For me, the highlight of this extended demo was the cutscene at the end. We see Bane rough up the Dark Knight and bring a beaten Batman to the Joker. We get to hear a lot more of Roger Craig Smith as Batman too and I think his voice sounds like a young Kevin Conroy, with a little bit of Christian Bale’s growl. I’m very impressed with what WB Games Montreal has shown off at this year’s E3, and it looks to me like they’ll be delivering a quality Batman game this October.

At the end of the demo, there’s an interview with Batman: Arkham Origins creative director Eric Holmes. Check out the full 32 minute walkthrough/demo and let me know if you’re as excited as I am for Batman: Arkham Origins in the comments below!