10 strangest Batman movie moments

9. John Blake Figuring Out Batman’s Identity From His Eyes – The Dark Knight Rises


One of the oddest narrative flourishes in The Dark Knight Rises was the upfront, almost unfussed manner with which Christopher Nolan had John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) discover Batman’s (Christian Bale) identity. He shows up at Wayne Manor and outright tells Bruce that he knew from a visit Bruce paid to his orphanage when he was younger; he recognized that look of rehearsed, suppressed anger at the death of his parents, and incredibly managed to tie this to him being Batman.

It’s odd because it comes out of nowhere and is one of the flakier pieces of writing in the movie, given that there were surely countless other ways to play this scene out, and surely one that didn’t make Commissioner Gordon seem like such a dummy when the penny finally drops for him at the end of the movie.