10 strangest Batman movie moments

7. Joker Dances To Prince – Batman (1989)


Tim Burton’s two Batman efforts are a lot of fun, though occasional fall victim to their own innate strangeness, as evidenced by the weirdest scene in the director’s first outing with the Caped Crusader. Perhaps in an attempt to not entirely abandon the campiness of the TV show that preceded it, Burton shoved in this utterly ridiculous dance scene, in which The Joker performs a routine to Prince’s song Partyman, while he and his cronies trash Gotham City’s Art Museum.

It just doesn’t make a lot of sense; why, after all the mayhem The Joker has caused up to this point, do we need to see him trashing a freaking museum? All this scene does is puzzle viewers; yes, it cements Jack Nicholson’s demented commitment to the character, but does it really add anything to the film?