10 strangest Batman movie moments

6. The Penguin’s Rubber Ducky Boat – Batman Returns


Batman Returns is a fantastic film and vastly superior to Burton’s first attempt, particularly with the depth it explored both Catwoman and The Penguin’s backstories. Burton’s unconventional portrayal of The Penguin was in particular a stand-out; tragic, but also thrilling to watch unfold and often pretty hilarious; what other directors could get away with an army of penguins who had rockets strapped to their backs as they terrorized Gotham? The strangest flourish added to Danny DeVito’s character, however, was the decision to make him traverse Gotham’s sewers in…a comically over-sized yellow rubber ducky.

Is it funny? Absolutely. Is it weird? You betcha; the wholly conspicuous vehicle can travel on both land and water, though the entire time I’m sat there watching The Penguin riding around, all I’m asking is – what the Hell and why? What is it about this character that makes him riding in a duck relevant? Is it supposed to be ironic, that a man named after a water bird has to use another water bird to get around the sewers? Who knows…