10 strangest Batman movie moments

4. Batman Opens A Safe With A Hearing Aid – Batman Forever


Batman Forever is unquestionably the Batman film that gets the most needless flak; though it suffers from Joel Schumacher’s heavy-handedness, it’s also a boatload of fun, even if it also occasionally detours into outright weirdness, just as it does in this peculiar scene. One of the very first glimpses of Batman has him locked inside a safe that’s suspended in the air by Two Face with only a hapless security guard for company. Soon enough, the safe begins filling with acid (somehow), and Batman comes up with the hilarious solution to take the guard’s hearing aid – a happy coincidence – and use it to open the safe lock. Erm, how exactly does one open a safe from the inside like that?

It’s still an entertaining scene alright; the visuals are gorgeous, and Tommy Lee Jones is at his unhinged best, but having Batman use a hearing aid of all objects to escape threw us right into the goofy deep end from the outset.