10 strangest Batman movie moments

2. Alfred Designed Batgirl’s Outfit – Batman & Robin


Continuing my earlier point about the various bat-suits in Joel Schumacher’s films having bat-nipples, is it not really freaking weird that Batgirl (Alicia Silverstone) has such a ridiculously sexualised appearance given that the suit was seemingly designed by her old uncle, Alfred? Given how genuine and earnest their relationship seems to be with one another, is it not just slightly creepy that Alfred thought a) it would be a good idea for his niece to be running around the streets solving crime and b) that she should be doing it in a skin-tight outfit that highlights her vulnerability?

Of course, it makes sense from a marketing perspective – hot girl in tights clothes; what’s not to like? – but it just doesn’t suit that already established notion that Alfred helped design all the outfits. Even just a cursory, throwaway line of dialogue explaining that she modified the outfit, or showing Alfred’s disdain for her changes, would have completely made this rather disturbing notion disappear.