New 52 – Justice League of America #6 review

I know I said I wasn’t going to do any reviews this week but I have a few minutes free right now, DC sent me JLA #6 early and I was able to read it before I left to catch my plane (I’m in LA now and I’ll be in San Diego for Comic-Con from Friday-Sunday if anybody wants to hang out or if you want to suggest a question for me to ask Kyle Higgins, Chris Burnham, Beware the Batman crew, etc).

Well, if you read Justice League #22–and I highly recommend you do– you’ll know that a heck of a lot happened. But in JLA #6… not so much. From what I recall (I only read it once and don’t have it handy right now so this’ll be a short review), most of the comic was spent having all of the JLA and Justice League characters stand around and talk about what we saw in chapter one and that’s not very exciting. We also don’t get anymore info on what the Secret Society is up to or The Question’s side of the story isn’t explained either. The Question is teased yet again and that’s all you get. He shows up on the first page and the final page and if you want more you’ll have to tune in next week for Justice League Dark #22. One thing that did stand out for me was that JLA #6 actually acknowledged some elements from Azzarello’s Wonder Woman run and up until now that series has felt more like a Vertigo title that exists in its own little bubble. But other than a panel or two more of the Question and an angry Wonder Woman meeting up with some of the Greek Gods of the Azzarello series there wasn’t a whole lot accomplished here. I thought that she was characterized as being way too harsh on Hephaestus compared to how they got along in her own book. It was co-written by Geoff Johns and Jeff Lemire and I guess these two great creative minds just canceled one another out because this was an issue that was more interested in recapping chapter 1 than doing anything unique of its own.

As for the artwork, I thought it was quite a step down from Trinity War chapter one and I think a lot of that had to do with how many inkers were used. The linework was rather dense and it just wasn’t up to Mahnke’s usual quality and it definitely didn’t measure up to what Ivan Reis gave us last week, in my opinion. I read the comic only a few hours ago and I’m struggling to remember any of the imagery and when we’re talking about such a big event book like this– that’s not a good sign.

And let’s not forget that while this is chapter 2 of Trinity War, the title still says Justice League of America and those characters were hardly anywhere to be found. In fact, we might see more from the Justice League and the Justice League Dark rather than the “of America” gang.

Sorry I couldn’t go into more detail, this review is written entirely from memory. Honestly, the best thing I read today was Robin: Year One– which I enjoyed on the plane ride here.


If you read part 1 then I honestly think this can be skipped. The only really important part happens on the final 2 pages. I recommend you pick up Batman ’66 instead unless you just really want to get all 3 connecting Trinity War covers. Again, this isn’t a bad comic, it’s just that it spends too much time recapping what we already saw last week and it’s saving the more important stuff for Justice League Dark next week…at least I hope it’s saving the good stuff for next week. It’ll be really disappointing if the plot only progresses in the main Justice League title.

When I finished Trinity War Part 1 I was left reeling. There was so much to discuss! But when I finished chapter 2 I just sort of shrugged, said “That’s it?” and went back to packing for my trip.

SCORE: 5.5/10