Comic-Con: ‘Beware the Batman’ round table discussion

I was invited to a special press event at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront where folks with cameras and audio recorders sat down at round tables and waited for members of the voice cast and creators of the new Cartoon Network show Beware the Batman to drop in. I had not done an event like this one before so I wasn’t quite sure how to give credit where credit is due when it came time to post an article. I had hoped to get the names of everyone at my table before posting this stuff but when our table was called for time at the end of the session and I was cut-off mid-question by the handlers, Batman voice actor Anthony Ruivivar urged me to finish the question as the other members of the press left the room. By the time he and I were done talking about Batman’s endgame everyone was gone. I do know that Movie Magic Magazine’s Ed Gross spoke the most out of all of us so be sure to look him up. Surprisingly, out of our table of 7 or 8 only 3 or 4 of members of the press actually asked any questions. The group only really came to life whenever the table discussed the ending of Man of Steel during downtime between interviews. It was a pretty relaxed setting, much better than the red carpet interviews I did for The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 which felt impersonal and assembly-line-like. Here it was just a handful of people gathered around a table talking Batman.

Here are the full audio clips of our talks with Anthony Ruivivar (Batman/Bruce Wayne), JB Blanc (Alfred), Mitch Watson (Producer), and Glen Murakami (Producer). You’ll hear the talent discuss the darker themes of Batman, the struggles of making their show stand out from all the great Batman animated shows to come before them, the difficulties of CG animation compared to traditional animation, the future of the show, and more.

Mitch Watson (Producer)

Glen Murakami (Producer)

JB Blanc (Alfred)

Anthony Ruivivar (Batman/Bruce Wayne)

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