Comic-Con 2013: photo gallery and videos

Comic-Con is crazy. It’s an over-crowded, brightly colored place where even the nicest of nerds will turn violent over an exclusive Star Wars action figure. You’ll lose track of time in the exhibit hall as if it were a casino and, although you’re practically drowning in a sea of pop-culture, Comic-Con is also the worst place to actually know what is going on at Comic-Con! I never heard about the Avengers 2 announcement until days later! In fact, if you want to be present for big events like that then you better be willing to put up with the mother of all lines that feeds into Hall H and more often than not that requires sleeping on the ground outside the convention center overnight just to say you were there to witness something that appeared on Youtube 2 minutes after it happened.

I tried to take as many photos as I could and I even captured a couple of videos to give you a feel of what it’s like to walk around both inside and outside the wild world of the San Diego Convention Center. Which, by the way, if you went to Comic-Con keep in mind that we’re back in the real world now and boyfriends are a lot less cool about you asking their girlfriend for pictures! Some of the photos from my trip to Comic-Con are a little blurry because, well, I wasn’t there specifically to take pictures so I was using an iPhone 5. They’re also a little blurry because when you’re at the convention and you’ve made a schedule you’re almost always moving. Every booth is a line, every aisle is a line, and you can never be in line for a panel early enough– oh, and everyone says “on line” there, not “in line.”

In this photo gallery you’ll find loads of costumes, toys, and maybe even the sense of claustrophobia that comes from squeezing between seven Doctor Whos just so you can get a free poster of a movie you’ll never see in theaters. Some interesting things I noticed about the variety of cosplay is that there were more DC and anime characters walking around than Marvel characters. Most of the Marvel costumes were Deadpool and when it came to Batman cosplay every girl seemed to want to be Poison Ivy. So here are some of the pics I took. Some you may have already seen if you follow me on Twitter @AndrewBatReview but there’s a lot of new stuff here as well. Enjoy!