Poll: the best Batman cover… 1942 (part 2)

You have 3 weeks to vote and I’m dividing the poll into four parts. It’s only the 4th year of Batman’s existence but he’s already showing up in a whole lot of books and we need more polls to fit all the options. Part one decided the best World’s Finest cover of 1942 and now this poll will be a battle between all of the Detective Comics Covers. Three weeks from now there will be a poll between the Batman covers and ultimately there will be a fourth and final poll that pits all three top-voted covers against one another.

Keep in mind that you’re not voting for what cover was the most important to Batman history! This isn’t a poll to see which comic was the biggest milestone. So even though I add some fun facts with a few of these issues, don’t let it affect your decision on which cover you believe looks the coolest. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover? Screw that! We’re judging these contenders by their covers alone so don’t make me take away the fun facts! Our poll will end in 3 weeks so be sure to spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, etc. so we get plenty of votes and a good discussion going in the comments section!

Previous winners are…

1939: Detective Comics #31

1940: Batman #1

1941: Batman #8

1st Contender for Best Cover of 1942: World’s Finest #7

And now, Round Two of the Batman News community’s quest to find their favorite cover of 1942!

Detective Comics #59


Cover by Bob Kane & Jerry Robinson

Detective Comics #60


Cover by Fred Ray & Jerry Robinson

Detective Comics #61


Cover by Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson, & George Roussos 

Detective Comics #62


Cover by Fred Ray

Detective Comics #63


Cover by Fred Ray & Jerry Robinson

Detective Comics #64


Cover by Jerry Robinson

Detective Comics #65


Cover by Jack Kirby, Jerry Robinson, & Joe Simon

Detective Comics #66


Cover by Jerry Robinson & George Roussos

District Attorney Harvey Kent (Yes, he was originally called Kent instead of Dent) is prosecuting “The Boss” and he even has Batman on trial as a key witness. While showing the court a two-headed silver dollar found at the scene of the crime and covered in The Boss’ prints, the Boss grows furious and tosses acid in Kent’s face. Batman tries to deflect the attack but isn’t able to get there in time. While lying horribly disfigured in the hospital, Kent is abandoned by his fiance. This moment pushes him over the edge and he decides to flip the Boss’ coin to decide what he will do with the rest of his life. If it’s heads then he will wait for the plastic surgeon and try to piece his life back together, but if it’s tails he will tear Gotham… in two. And thus we have the first ever appearance of Two-Face. The issue ends with Two-Face having Batman dead-to-rights, but when he flips the coin to take the shot it lands in a crack in the floorboard where it stands perfectly on its side. Two-Face can do nothing but stare at it.

Detective Comics #67


Cover by Jerry Robinson

Detective Comics #68


Cover by Jerry Robinson

Detective Comics #69


Cover by Jerry Robinson

Detective Comics #70


Cover by Jerry Robinson