Christian Bale reportedly offered $50 million to return in ‘Batman vs. Superman’ (update)

Update: I think the websites that originally posted this story might have been jumping to conclusions. I just bought the eBook and here’s the direct quote about the “$50 million offer”:

“He could probably make $50 million for being in the movie 20 minutes,” my friend [who worked on The Dark Knight Rises and many other films produced by Legendary Pictures] observed. “And it would be worth every penny to the studio.” Sources close to Christian Bale have reportedly begun expressing their suspicions that Bale now views the Batman films in the same light that Robert Downey, Jr. views the Iron Man films.

You can check out the first 27 pages of the book here. The $50 million quote is on page 3.

Sounds like it’s all just speculation. The quote came after discussion about a Justice League movie, not the recently announced Batman vs. Superman. However, I do think that Warner Bros. will try to get Christian Bale back before looking at other actors. Maybe that’s already happened, but they’d be crazy not to give Bale the option to return. The original report follows.

It seems like Warner Bros. is still trying to get Christian Bale to reprise his role in Batman vs. Superman! According to a new eBook “Beyond Batman: The Unauthorized True Story of Christian Bale and His Dark Knight Dilemma” by Vince Russel, Bale currently has a $50 million offer on the table. Russel cites sources close to Legendary Pictures that claim Bale may have “no choice” but to accept the deal.

Latino Review’s El Mayimbe is confident that there’s some truth to this report and he’s going to do some digging of his own. He goes on to explain that Vince Russel would need to have legit sources in order to get away with publishing this news in his book, otherwise he could face an expensive lawsuit for slander.

Warner Bros. wants Batman to be in his 40’s in Batman vs. Superman, and Christian Bale will be turning the big 4-0 in January. Forget Josh Brolin… I think Warner Bros. should give Bale whatever he wants! What do you guys think? Do you hope this rumor turns out to be true, or would you rather see a fresh take on Batman? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

SOURCE: Beyond Batman: The Unauthorized True Story of Christian Bale and His Dark Knight Dilemma (via Latino Review)