The Dark Knight Returns sales up 161% after ‘Batman vs. Superman’ announcement

DC Comics has seen a major boost in sales of Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns” ever since director Zack Snyder revealed that it would be inspiration for his upcoming movie Batman vs. Superman. DC Comics told Variety that digital sales of the graphic novel rose 161% in July and set a single month sales record for a full-priced DC Entertainment eBook. The print version also saw a big boost.

Batman vs. Superman won’t be a direct adaptation of “The Dark Knight Returns”, but Zack Snyder has expressed interest in that story over the years. It’s also been reported that Snyder had plans to meet with Frank Miller to get advice on how to handle an epic battle between Batman and Superman on the big screen.

The news of a boost in comic book sales isn’t too surprising. I bought the digital copy too, after watching The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 and The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 back-to-back. Have you guys revisited “The Dark Knight Returns” to get yourselves pumped for 2015’s Batman vs. Superman? Let me know in the comments below!

SOURCE: Variety