‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ screenshots show off new gadget, Firefly, and more

Gamescom is still in progress in Cologne, Germany and WB Montreal is still cranking out new Batman: Arkham Origins content. They released new screenshots which show off the recently revealed assassin, Firefly, but we get our first look at a new gadget too. They’re called shock gloves, and Polygon caught up with the game’s creative director Eric Holmes to learn more about them:

The demo introduced a new, powerful gadget to Batman’s Origins arsenal: the shock gloves. While wearing them, players can send bolts of electricity through any enemy they punch. After rounding up a gang of thugs positioned on either end of a collapsing bridge, Batman was able to use another tool — a small tablet-like device that allowed him to disable explosives — to stop an explosion from further destroying the bridge, until the assassin Firefly appears to challenge the Bat to a duel.

Check out the awesome new trailer and see the shock gloves in action in the gallery below.

SOURCE: Polygon