Poll: The Best Batman Cover… 1942 (part 3)

You have 3 weeks to vote and I’m dividing the poll into four parts. It’s only the 4th year of Batman’s existence but he’s already showing up in a whole lot of books and we need more polls to fit all the options. Part one decided the best World’s Finest cover of 1942, then we had a poll for the best Detective Comics cover of 1942, and now this poll will be a battle between all of the Batman Covers. Three weeks from now there will be a fourth and final poll that pits all three top-voted covers against one another.

Keep in mind that you’re not voting for what cover was the most important to Batman history! This isn’t a poll to see which comic was the biggest milestone. So even though I add some fun facts with a few of these issues, don’t let it affect your decision on which cover you believe looks the coolest. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover? Screw that! We’re judging these contenders by their covers alone so don’t make me take away the fun facts! Our poll will end in 3 weeks so be sure to spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, etc. so we get plenty of votes and a good discussion going in the comments section!

Previous winners are…

1939: Detective Comics #31

1940: Batman #1

1941: Batman #8

1st Contender for Best Cover of 1942: World’s Finest #7

2nd Contender for Best Cover of 1942: Detective Comics #69

And now, Round Three of the Batman News community’s quest to find their favorite cover of 1942!

Batman #9


Cover by Jack Burnley

Batman #10


Cover by Jerry Robinson


Batman #11


Cover by Jerry Robinson


Batman #12


Cover by Jerry Robinson


Batman #13


Cover by Jerry Robinson

Batman #14


Cover by Jerry Robinson