Hans Zimmer talks ‘Batman vs. Superman’ score (video)

Red Carpet News TV caught up with Hans Zimmer last night at the premiere of Rush. Hans Zimmer worked on the score of all three of Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies, and he worked on Man of Steel too. Would there be anyone better to score Batman vs. Superman? Here’s what Zimmer had to say about it:

This is really complicated for me because we all went ‘okay, we’re done with Batman’ and now it’s sort of getting smuggled back in. I have to have a think about that one. I might give you a new Batman if I do it.

Since Batman vs. Superman is a sequel to Man of Steel, I think it’s safe to assume that Hans Zimmer will return. Though it may be tough, since he won’t want his music for Ben Affleck’s Batman to sound like the music he did for Christian Bale’s Batman. Speaking of Ben Affleck, check out the full video interview above to get Zimmer’s thoughts on our new Batman.

What do you guys think? Would you like Hans Zimmer to do the music for Batman vs. Superman, or is a fresh take needed to avoid sounding too much like the Christopher Nolan trilogy? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

SOURCE: Red Carpet News TV (via Superhero Hype)