Batman: Li’l Gotham #6 review

The latest issue of little Gotham has a parental theme with both a Mother’s Day and Father’s DAy special packed into one $2.99 issue that’s sure to please both kids and adults with its comedy as well as its sentimentality. And, as usual, the watercolors by Dustin Nguyen are just as adorable as ever and worth the price all on their own.

Mother’s Day

This one didn’t start off too great. The opening page was a bit confusing what with one panel announcing the arrival of a large figure in a hat and then the next panel showing Harvey Bullock arriving on the scene only it was supposed to be taking place much later in time, that threw me for a loop. Then there were a few speech bubbles that could’ve been placed better and the series’ insistence on using esoteric characters like Colin really strains the memory banks of this Bat-fan. Colin only ever appeared in the short-lived Streets of Gotham series for maybe 5 or 6 issues so I’m sure casual fans will have no clue who this boy is, but thankfully there is a brief flashback to who the boy is and how he fits into the world of Gotham.

Despite a somewhat rough beginning to the Mother’s Day special this one did come with quite a few laughs and plenty of warm, fuzzy feelings by the end and how could it not? The story is about Colin trying to find the mother he’s never met and he’s doing so with the help of none other than Damian Wayne. Of course, it’s Damian who is getting all the big laughs in this comic as he shows Colin around the cave and describes his idea of what Batman really does on Justice League missions. My favorite moment came during the tour when Damian described the display cases of former Robins including the tragic Jason Todd suit as “The Failure closet.”

But it’s absolutely the emotional moments that come in the story’s final pages that make this one totally worth reading and a Mother’s Day tale to remember. A great read with great art as always.

Father’s Day

I’m calling it right here and now. What you see in this story will happen once and never again. For that the Father’s Day episode has a handicapped Barbara sitting down for dinner with her grey-haired father and Ra’s Al Ghul and his daughter Talia. I firmly believe that this is the first and last time this is ever going to occur and it was executed perfectly. This lighthearted comic really hit a home run with this story. Banter between the al Ghuls and the Gordons who have been forced to share a table on a busy Father’s Day evening? That’ s just wonderful. And as if that weren’t enough the story also features Father’s Day at Wayne Manor only it’s not a thank you to Batman, but to Alfred who is the true patriarch of the batfamily. I don’t want to spoil any of what happens in that scene for you because it’s just so cute and funny that describing any aspect of it would spoil the whole thing.

I will say that it’s probably the first time someone has actually made fun of Red Robin’s name in the comics before and the fact that it’s Batman who does it makes it all the better.

This was definitely more humorous than heartfelt but after the emotional sucker-punch from Mother’s Day the comic really needed to end on this energetic high note. The Father’s Day special is one of the most fun installments that Li’l Gotham has ever had and Derek Fridolfs and Dustin Nguyen deserve a round of applause.

Recommended If…

  • You love Dustin Nguyen’s watercolors
  • You are a child or at least a child at heart
  • Leslie Thompkins is your favorite under-used Bat-ally (yes, it’s just one panel, but I was happy to see her again)
  • Damian Wayne was taken from us too soon
  • Wheelchair Barbara is the better Barbara
  • You want something funny
  • A heart-warming moment is how you like to end a comic


Despite a bumpy first few pages this one is stunning showcase of gorgeous artwork, humor, and heartwarming moments. What more could you want from an all-ages comic?

SCORE: 9.5/10