Be an extra in ‘Batman vs. Superman’ on October 19 in Los Angeles (update: canceled)

Update 09/25/13: Unfortunately for Los Angeles fans, the extras casting call for October 19th has been canceled. Be In A Movie sent out the following email to those who signed up:

Sad news. They may be eliminating the scene that we were looking forward to making available to you. So as of now we need to cancel everyone as not available. If things change we will give you first heads up. Sorry for the disappointment…. for us as well.

Here’s some news that’s a little surprising. Be In A Movie just put out an extras casting call this morning for Batman vs. Superman. They’ll be shooting in the Los Angeles area on October 19th from 5:00pm – 10:00pm. You’ll need to register and reserve a spot, and more details will be coming soon. They don’t even mention the exact location where filming will take place.

October seems early to me, especially since we heard that they’ll be kicking off production in February 2014 in Detroit. However, Be In A Movie is the same company that put together the big extras casting call for The Dark Knight Rises in Pittsburgh at Heinz Field, so there must be some legitimacy to this October shoot.

I’ve reached out to Be In A Movie for some more information, but if you’re in the Los Angeles area it wouldn’t hurt to register now and see what happens. Hit up the source link below for more details.

Thanks MikeTheater for the heads up!

SOURCE: Be In A Movie