New ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ trailers show off exclusive PS3 content and Deathstroke DLC

Two new Batman: Arkham Origins trailers have been released. The first shows off the exclusive PlayStation 3 content. You can play the game with the classic TV series skin or the Knightfall skin. The PS3 will also feature five exclusive challenge maps. You can see all of it in action in the video above.

The second new trailer shows off the Deathstroke DLC including a sneak peak at the “100-to-1” gameplay mode. This mode can also be played as Batman, and puts you against 100 opponents, with each wave of enemies becoming tougher than the last. There’s a ton of great footage, check it out!

Batman: Arkham Origins will be available worldwide in exactly one month on October 25th for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and PC.