Why I’m not reviewing The Joker’s Daughter #1

Back in July I announced that I was done writing reviews about Ann Nocenti and Rafa Sandoval’s  Catwoman series until the book had a new creative team and Joker’s Daughter #1 is written by Ann Nocenti. I reviewed Nocenti’s run starting from the revival-by-cat-licking origin story all the way through the demon possession and finally I gave up when she had Catwoman meet a tribe of horseback-riding mole-people underneath Gotham City. And now she’s writing “The Joker’s Daughter #1”?

It’s a terrible idea (The Joker doesn’t need a real daughter or a spiritual one and this is just a girl who finds Joker’s severed face in the sewer and decides to wear it as a mask) written by a terrible writer (Ann Nocenti). You should know better. You’re smarter than this. It’s an obviously bad comic. Why would I waste my time writing a review about it? It’s like if I was a food critic and you heard that there was a new restaurant down the block– it’s a dumpster with the word “poop” scrawled across it in spray paint. Do you really need to hear my recommendation?

And what the hell is up with all these speculators buying up every issue of Joker’s Daughter! The comic book is selling out because individuals who know nothing about comics think that Batman fans are going to go crazy over a new character that’s the daughter of the Joker, right? So these eBayers are snatching up boxes full of the comic and putting the issues on online for auction. Go check, I’ll wait. You’ll see that the comic is currently available for upwards of $30 and people are actually bidding on it. Stop. This comic is not going to go up in value. There’s nothing rare about it and there’s nothing important about the story within that’ll make it something people want to get their hands on for years to come. I may not be reviewing it, but others are:

All-Comic.com — 2/10

Weird Science — 2/10

Adventures in Poor Taste — 2/10

ComicVine — 2/10

CBR — 2/10

IGN — 2/10

And keep in mind that when those sites usually give out anything below a 6/10, it’s pretty bad.

If anyone here has actually read The Joker’s Daughter #1 and wants to share their thoughts on it, do so in the comments section below. I’m not touching it. Unlike Gotham, Ann Nocenti’s comics are beyond saving.