20 minute ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ preview shows off the Batcave, GCPD, and more (video)

A new 20 minute video preview of Batman: Arkham Origins was released today. We get to see the Batcave, Batwing, Batman infiltrating the GCPD, and more!

The demo starts by giving us a look at the Batcave. When you’re in the Batcave you can access challenge maps and a new combat training mode. Batman picks up a new gadget, a concussion grenade, and then makes his way over to the GCPD. Here Batman has to silently take out police officers in a Predator challenge type map, though this one takes place outside. When he makes his way inside we get to see Batman take out corrupt cops with some of his new toys. At the end of the preview it’s revealed that Barbara Gordon will be in Batman: Arkham Origins. She’s a teenager here, and will play a big part in the game’s story.

Check out the video above and see it all for yourself!

Update: Warner Bros. has released new screenshots, including one that gives us a good look at Barbara Gordon. Check them out in the gallery below.