Poll: The Best Batman Cover…1943 (part 1)

We’ve reached 1943 and it’s time to start the poll for cover supremacy anew. Poll #1 will feature all World’s Finest covers from the year followed by a poll for Detective Comics, then Batman, and finally the best cover from each of those three series will compete against each other.

Keep in mind that you’re not voting for what cover is the most important to Batman history! This isn’t a poll to see which comic was the biggest milestone. So even though I add some fun facts with a few of these issues, don’t let it affect your decision on which cover you believe looks the coolest. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover? Screw that! We’re judging these contenders by their covers alone so don’t make me take away the fun facts! Our poll will end in 3 weeks so be sure to spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, etc. so we get plenty of votes and a good discussion going in the comments section!

Now I know it’s subtle, but if you look closely you might catch a few clues as to what major event was happening in the world at the time these books were published…

World’s Finest #9

Cover by Jack Burnley


World’s Finest #10

Cover by Joe Simon


World’s Finest #11

Cover by Jack Burnley