First photos and details from ‘Batman vs. Superman’ football set (update: video)

On Friday Batman News showed off the Gotham City University and Metropolis State University uniforms for the Batman vs. Superman football scene. The shoot just wrapped up at East Los Angeles College’s Weingart Stadium and Batman News was sent in details of what took place during tonight’s halftime shoot.

It started with Warner Bros. telling the crowd that they were going to be in Batman vs. Superman. Yes, a Warner Bros. representative referred to the movie as Batman vs. Superman. That’s still not the official title, but it’s one that keeps coming up. Warner Bros. also announced that this marked the beginning of the movie. Then two scenes were filmed. Both plays were from around Gotham city’s 30 yard line. The first play was a tackle for a Metropolis loss. The second was for a touchdown pass to the corner of the end zone for Metropolis. Then the bench cleared for Gotham and they had to break up a fight on the field. Gotham never even went on offense. Zack Synder was directing, he was on the megaphone calling the plays and cuts.

Update #1: The shoot was only supposed to take place during halftime, but Warner Bros. just told the crowd to stick around after the game because there might be more filming.

Update #2: No additional scenes were filmed after the game, but Warner Bros. held a raffle for the fans and gave away Nokia phones and TVs.

Update #3: Added video of the scenes, thanks to Batman News reader Josh.

Those are the early details, I’ll update this post with more info as I receive it. Huge thanks to FCEEVIPER, Adam Hlavac, Peter, Josh, Vahn Gharakhani and Andrew for sending Batman News photos and info!

Update #4: Henry Cavill News posted some very high quality shots, including some of director Zack Snyder. Check them out in the gallery below and head over to Henry Cavill News for more.

Update #5: Check out another awesome video of the Batman vs. Superman football scene, courtesy of Adam Hlavac.