‘Batman vs. Superman’ Batmobile to resemble an old Cadillac?

Ben Affleck may be driving around in a Cadillac inspired Batmobile in 2015’s Batman vs. Superman. A source under the pseudonym “Dr. Detroit” sent in the following details to Batman-on-Film:

The Batmobile is currently being designed and built by General Motors at the GM Advanced Design Studio in North Hollywood. This is the same team who most recently designed and built the vehicles for TRANSFORMERS 4 with Michael Bay – who was very hands-on and involved in the design/building process for the new Bumblebee Camaro. Anyway, back to the new Batmobile…

It will definitely NOT have a military look like The Tumbler from [Chris] Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight Trilogy.’

An “old Cadillac” will feature prominently in the film. When I remarked to my source that the Cadillac Sixteen concept car from a few years back looked a lot like a Batmobile, he stayed mum.

“Dr. Detroit” goes on to speculate that it may even be modeled after a 1943 Cadillac convertible, since that was used in the first Batman serial.


Personally I hope they go with a more modern design and use the Cadillac Sixteen concept car as inspiration. It was first introduced in 2003, which will be over ten years old when Batman vs. Superman hits theaters. What kind of Batmobile would you prefer? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and check out few more photos of the Cadillac Sixteen courtesy of Autoblog.

SOURCE: BOF (via Latino Review)