Did ‘Batman vs. Superman’ just film in Yorkville, Illinois?

Batman vs. Superman filming officially kicked off last month when Zack Snyder shot a short football scene at East Los Angeles College. Now a new report from Yorkville Patch suggests that another short scene has been filmed. A Yorkville resident snapped a photo of bright lights that were set up during a night shoot a few days ago. “No trespassing” signs were also put up, as was a fake street sign. So how does this related to Batman vs. Superman? This area in Yorkville, Illinois was used as Kent Farm in this past summer’s Man of Steel. While it’s not confirmed, many are speculating that these late night shoots are for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel.


Warner Bros. also recently set up a production office in Michigan, where a majority of the movie is scheduled to be shot early next year.

SOURCE: Yorkville Patch (via Superhero Hype)