No ‘Batman vs. Superman’ announcements during ‘Man of Steel’ Q&A (update)

Update: The Man of Steel live Q&A featuring Zack Snyder, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, and Michael Shannon which was hosted by Kevin Smith has just concluded. Unfortunately even after a few teases from Mr. Smith, there were no real Batman vs. Superman announcements made. We still don’t even have an official title, so I’ll keep referring to it as Batman vs. Superman for now.

Kevin Smith promised that artwork from Batman vs. Superman would be shown, and it was… kind of. Director Zack Snyder went to his favorite artists and without any type of direction, he asked them to create paintings pitting Batman against Superman. It wasn’t official concept art or anything like that, so we didn’t get our first look at the new Batsuit. The paintings will be auctioned off for charity at

If you missed the Q&A you can watch a full replay in the video player above. If you’re just interested in the very little Batman vs. Superman talk, check out the video below: