Arkham Unhinged #20 review

Arkham Unhinged #20 is the final issue of the series AND the 5th and final chapter of the “Bookbinder Saga” but IT DOES NOT END THE STORY! It doesn’t end! There is no ending. This incredibly boring, five-issue long arc doesn’t get a conclusion and there never will be a conclusion because it’s over. The series is over! The closest thing to an Arkham Unhinged 2.0 would be the rumored Arkham Origins comic, which wouldn’t touch upon the “Bookbinder Saga” at all.

I just… Not only is this comic a waste of time and money but it makes you realize that the previous 4 issues were a mistake as well. It’s not even like the ride made it all worth it because it didn’t. Everything hinged upon there being a payoff to this slow burn, but stupid me– the comic is called “UNhinged.” The Book Binder saga was absolutely boring, sure we had some detective work and a more in-depth look at the G.C.P.D. but did this story need to be so decompressed as to last 5 issues? No! Batman and Gordon have been wandering around in circles for the past 2 or 3 issues trying to find any possible lead as to who the enigmatic Bookbinder is and in this issue they finally get their big break and it’s so… I’m dumbfounded. Batman finally realizes that he should start looking into suspects who are actually involved in, wait for it…BOOKBINDING. Wow! World’s Greatest Detective, right? And the best part is, it wasn’t even his idea! Catwoman is trying to get an old book she stole restored when suddenly she has the epiphany and decides to pass it on to The Dark Knight. “Hey, ya know how you’ve been looking for that guy, The Bookbinder? Well, have you ever checked in on suspects who are actually involved in bookbinding? You know, examined the records of book restoration shops to see if anyone on your radar has bought supplies and whatnot? It’s a pretty rare and expensive hobby.” Wow. It never crossed his ****ing mind!

But truly the worst thing about this comic is that it goes nowhere. And it terrifies me to think how much longer writer Karen Traviss would’ve stretched this miserable plot out had DC not pulled the plug on this utterly disappointing series. I’m done talking about it. Don’t buy it! This series was everything a video game tie-in shouldn’t be. It’s essentially the opposite of the Injustice: Gods Among Us comic.

Recommended If…

  • It isn’t. It isn’t recommended in any way, shape, or form


Avoid it at all costs. Good riddance, Arkham Unhinged!

SCORE: 1/10