‘Batman vs. Superman’ to feature semi-retired, drone controlling Batman

A very cool piece of Batman vs. Superman info was leaked today! Hollywood producer Daniel Alter revealed that Batman will be semi-retired, reiterated that he hasn’t been speaking with Dick Grayson, and most interestingly, said that Batman will be controlling drones from the Batcave. Alter has produced Hitman, The Apparition, and is set to produce Jonny Quest for Warner Bros. down the road.

Before I ran this story, I DMed Daniel Alter on Twitter (he was following my Batman News account). Based on what he told me, I felt that he was just passing along information from industry friends he has. I don’t think a Hollywood producer would be the type of person to spread rumors on the internet. That said, I’m also a little surprised that a Warner Bros. producer is leaking info about Warner Bros.’ most secretive movie.

How do you feel about Ben Affleck’s Batman being semi-retired and fighting crime remotely from the comfort of the Batcave? Let me know in the comments below!