Happy Batsgiving: a new Batman Eternal teaser

Here’s something I’ve been dying to talk about but the embargoes held me back! Below you’ll find an image that was tweeted by Scott Snyder this morning, officially released by DC Comics this afternoon, and will be found at the back of your comics tomorrow. This two-page spread wishing you a “Happy Batsgiving” is illustrated by Jason Fabok and features numerous Easter eggs hinting at things to come in the upcoming Batman: Eternal weekly series. I offer some commentary after the image and hope to hear some more great theories in the comments section at the bottom of the page!

Click on the image below to view in high resolution:


Let’s start from the top of the left hand side

  • Carmine Falcone making his first New 52 appearance. He’s shown with the claw scratches on his face, but I have to wonder how they are going to work that in now that Year One and The Long Halloween don’t fit into continuity
  • Tiger Shark, a villain first introduced during The Black Mirror
  • That’s not Lucius Fox, but Road Runner, another bad guy who appeared in The Black Mirror
  • Batwoman, notice the glimmer from her ring finger
  • Maggie Sawyer
  • There’s an owl in the tree above
  • Gordon wearing handcuffs
  • Harvey Bullock
  • The Iceberg casino floats in the background

The Bottom of the left hand side

  • Stephanie Brown wearing a Spoiler-esque hoodie
  • Harper Row
  • Tim Drake
  • Either Dick Grayson is faking his death Kenny Powers-style by bleaching his hair blond or Talon now wears a domino mask OR it’s an entirely new character. What if it’s Jean Paul Valley? There aren’t a whole lot of blond guys in the Batman universe
  • Batman– it might be worth noting who in this image is filling the role of the Native Americans and who is filling the role of the Pilgrims in this image

The top of the right hand side

  • Alfred wearing a straight jacket
  • Batgirl
  • Red Hood
  • Batwing (Luke Fox)
  • At first I thought the woman in the green jacket was Amanda Waller, but according to James Tynion on Twitter, this is a new character
  • The redhead confused me the most these past few days. She’s either Vicki Vale, Carrie Kelly, or someone new
  • Catwoman
  • Professor Pyg
  • Penguin

The bottom of the right hand side

  • Titus, the Damian’s dog
  • A robin sitting atop Titus
  • The Joker’s daughter under the table (I really wish this character would go away)
  • Alfred the cat, another one of Damian’s pets

SOURCE: Scott Snyder (Twitter), DC Blog