Warner Bros. wants Callan Mulvey as ‘Batman vs. Superman’ villain

Yesterday Variety broke the news that Gal Gadot had been cast as Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman, but buried within their report were a few other interesting pieces of news.

Warner Bros. is currently interested in Zero Dark Thirty and 300: Rise of the Empire star Callan Mulvey to play the villain. Unfortunately we still don’t know what villain will be appearing in the movie. Like Batman News comic book reviewer Andrew Asberry said on Twitter, right now it looks like Batman vs. Superman may end up being a romantic comedy with Batman and Superman fighting over the love of Wonder Woman!

Last, but not least, Variety reports that the Flash will also have a role in Batman vs. Superman. It’s unknown whether it’ll be a significant role or just a small cameo. One things for sure, this is definitely starting to feel like a Justice League movie!

SOURCE: Variety