Oscar-winning ‘Argo’ writer to strengthen ‘Batman vs. Superman’ script

Ben Affleck and Chris Terrio on the set of Argo

Warner Bros. has brought in Oscar-winning Argo writer Chris Terrio to write a draft of the Batman vs. Superman script. David Goyer wrote the screenplay, but sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Terrio’s job is to get the script in shape before filming begins.

On the surface, this sounds like fantastic news. Argo (which Ben Affleck directed and starred in) won Oscars for best picture and best screenplay earlier this year, so Terrio definitely knows how to write a strong script. But with filming scheduled to begin in just two months, isn’t it a little late in the game to be re-writing? Maybe not… I’m not exactly sure how the movie making process works, I just wanted to play to both sides.

What do you guys think? Is Chris Terrio coming in to work on the Batman vs. Superman script good news or bad news? Sound off in the comments below!

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter