Donal Logue offered Commissioner Gordon role in ‘Gotham’? (update: Logue responds)


Update: Well that was quick! Donal Logue has already commented on this story via Twitter, and says it’s not true.

The original report follows…

According to Latino Review, Donal Logue has been offered the role of Commissioner Gordon in FOX’s upcoming TV show Gotham.

Yesterday, FOX Chairman of Entertainment Kevin Reilly revealed that Gotham will tell the origin story of Bruce Wayne, not Commissioner Gordon as previously reported. Because of that, the 47 year old Donal Logue might be a fitting choice for Gordon. It’s important to note that Latino Review says he’s just been offered the role, so nothing is confirmed yet.

With Bruce Wayne, Joker, Penguin, Riddler, and Catwoman all being a part of Gotham, there will be a lot more casting announcements in the coming months. Stay tuned to Batman News for the latest!

SOURCE: Latino Review