Kevin Smith talks more about the Ben Affleck Batman photo (audio)

Hot off the heels of Ben Affleck’s wife Jennifer Garner calling the new Batsuit an unbelievably cool, total reinvention, Kevin Smith talked more about the photo he saw last November. On the latest edition of his Fatman on Batman podcast, Smith retold the story of when Zack Snyder showed him a photo of the new Batsuit, and went into a bit more detail:

I have seen the suit when I did this Man of Steel/Yahoo fan event when the DVD came out. I was hosting, Zack Snyder was there, Amy Adams, we had Henry cavil from satellite over in the UK. When the show was all done Zack was like “come here!”. He pulls me over to the corner and he whips out the phone and he shows me a picture of Batman, a live action version of Batman. A very familiar Batman, I might add. Didn’t look like any of the cinematic Batmans that have ever gone before. He shows me that picture and behind Batman…Superman in the suit, looming in the distance. Both on a rooftop set they put together for this photo shoot.

I said “oh my god, that’s the suit? The suit looks amazing, man. What did you get people to model it?” and he goes “that’s your boy” and I look closely and it’s Ben Affleck wearing the suit. The suit… it’s not mine to spill in terms of what it looks like, you’ll see it, they’ll tell you when they want you to know. Any Batman fan is going to be f***ing pleased, I’m going to tell you that right now. Like f***ing beside themselves going holy s*** they did it. It was phenomenal, man and made me happy as hell.

Listen to it all from the man himself at the 13:00 mark in the player below. With Batman vs. Superman production being pushed back and the movie being delayed, hopefully we don’t have to wait too much longer to see this photo for ourselves!

SOURCE: Fatman on Batman #053