Henry Cavill spotted near Detroit, will shoot ‘Batman vs. Superman’ for 10 months? (photo)


A lucky fan, Gjonnyboy as he goes by on the IMDb message boards, bumped into the Man of Steel himself last Friday night. Henry Cavill was at a bar called Imperial in Ferndale, Michigan with his trainer. Gjonnyboy spoke to Cavill, who assured him that everything was fine with Batman vs. Superman production, despite rumors that the delay meant something was terribly wrong.

MLive.com also talked to some people who were at Imperial that night with Cavill. According to their sources, Cavill is expected to be in Detroit for the next 10 months. That’s an awfully long time to shoot a movie — unless he’s also filming Justice Leagueback-to-back. Nothing is confirmed at this point, but that certainly adds some fuel to the fire.

There’s been some conflicting reports as to when exactly Batman vs. Superman production will begin. Warner Bros. has stated it’s been pushed back to the second quarter of the year, while Deadline reports that filming will take place next month as originally planned. Whenever things start to pick up, Batman News will have you covered. Check back often for all the latest!

SOURCE: IMDb, MLive (via Henry Cavill News)