Updates on ‘Batman vs. Superman’ filming, the Batmobile, and more

Batman on Film’s trusted source “Dr. Detroit” is back with some Batman vs. Superman rumors. He says that Zack Snyder and the cast will be filming at the Michigan Motion Picture Studios in Pontiac around mid-March. On location shoots in Michigan aren’t scheduled to begin until “late spring”, at the earliest.

Dr. Detroit also suggests that the Batman vs. Superman football scene which Zack Snyder shot last fall will be scrapped. Ben Affleck’s Oscar winning Argo writer, Chris Terrio, has been brought in to re-write a majority of Batman vs. Superman and a lot of stuff has been changed.

Lastly, Dr. Detroit says that the new Batmobile is currently in Los Angeles and is being filmed. It’s unclear if this is for a scene in the movie, or if it’s just a promotional photo shoot. I think the latter is much more likely. Speaking of photo shoots… if the rumors are correct, we could be getting our first look at Ben Affleck as Batman as early as this month. Stay tuned to Batman News for all the latest!