Gary Oldman compares Ben Affleck to Christian Bale, comments on ‘Batman vs. Superman’ casting

E! Online caught up with Gary Oldman this week at the premiere of his new movie RoboCop. When asked what he thought of Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman vs. Superman, he had the following to say:

He’s got a hard cowl to climb into because I thought Christian had made such a signature on it. But Ben is a wonderful actor, so I’m intrigued to see what he does.

With all of the controversy surrounding Affleck’s casting last year, Oldman offered the following advice:

All that stuff is always crazy. If you listen to the fans all the time we wouldn’t have remade RoboCop, no one would have made Batman. Ben will do fine. I think he’ll do fine.

Oldman currently stars in RoboCop with the original Batman on film… Michael Keaton!


SOURCE: E! Online