Poll: The Best Batman Cover of 1944 (Round 3)

We’ve reached a turning point with the Best Batman Cover polls, folks. As you know, there’s a big difference between the date that’s on the cover of your comic and the date that the comic actually came out. Take New 52 – Batman #28 for example– it came out on 2/12/14 but the comic says “April 2014” (this is an old practice in publishing used to A) Keep older books still looking current to consumers long after they’ve hit the shelf and B) To let store owners know that if the comic hasn’t sold by the time that date rolls around to send it back to the publisher, destroy it, etc).Well, up until now I’ve been using the date on the covers of the comics for these polls because finding an exact publishing date for the 1939-1943 books was confusing. Now I have the proper info for these comics so we’re going to get everything properly synchronized. We’ll begin this particular contest with Batman #21, which should’ve been in the last poll and I see that now (its cover says February 1944, but it was really a December 1943 book) and end with Batman #27 (the cover says February 1945, but as you can tell by the Christmas theme it’s truly a December 1944 release). I hope this clears things up for the five or six of you who read this part before scrolling down to vote! -Andrew

Keep in mind that you’re not voting for what cover is the most important to Batman history! This isn’t a poll to see which comic was the biggest milestone. So even though I add some fun facts with a few of these issues, don’t let it affect your decision on which cover you believe looks the coolest. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover? Screw that! We’re judging these contenders by their covers alone so don’t make me take away the fun facts! Our poll will end in 3 weeks so be sure to spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, etc. so we get plenty of votes and a good discussion going in the comments section!


Cover by Dick Sprang



First appearance of slim Alfred Pennyworth. Before now he was a much plumper fellow.

Fat Alfred



Cover by Dick Sprang



First solo Alfred adventure.



Cover by Dick Sprang



Cover by Dick Sprang



Cover by Dick Sprang



Cover by Jerry Robinson



Cover by Jack Burnley 



Santa was only featured on the cover and not within the comic itself.

Credit for Batman #21-25 images goes to Comixology.com, Batman #26 goes to TodayInComics.Blogspot.com, Batman #27 goes to 13thDimension.com