Did Jesse Eisenberg contribute to the ‘Batman vs. Superman’ delay?

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When Batman vs. Superman got delayed until May 2016, the official reason given was so that Zack Snyder and his crew could have more time to “realize fully their vision, given the complex visual nature of the story”. There’s probably a lot of truth to that, considering the rumors that Chris Terrio is re-writing a lot of David Goyer’s story. However, Man of Steel Fanpage has come up with another reason why Batman vs. Superman was delayed, and it certainly makes sense.

Jesse Eisenberg, the newly cast Lex Luthor, just began a five week shoot on a new movie titled The End of the Tour. Ironically, he’s shooting that movie in Grand Rapids, MI… which is just a couple of hours away from Detroit, where a majority of Batman vs. Superman will be shot. While I’m sure it’s not the only reason for the delay, the availability of the main villain would definitely throw a wrench into production, and give everyone the time needed to get the story right.

SOURCE: MLive (via Man of Steel Fanpage)